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A Research Career With Unlimited Growth Potential

“Research is the Distance between an Idea and its Realization” – David Sarnoff. Research is a means of creating something unique, it sets the foundation for execution of an idea. Whether you run a small scale industry or a multinational corporation, from budding writers to non-professionals, being an anthropologist to medical scientists, from TV actors […]

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Educational Technology (EdTech) Students today are constantly engaged in utilizing technology, this engagement opens up ways to remarkable opportunities for schools, teachers, and guardians. It can make both teachings and learning a great opportunity. As each student has his own ways of learning, so technology permits teachers to oblige interesting learning styles according to the […]

Are you prepared for the future of social learning?

Adaptability. It is the best thing to learn something new and experience it. We have to come out of our comfort zone and adapt the new things.   People are changing with time as technologies change with time. So, in today’s scenario, “the great growling engine of change is Technology”. With the internet exploding with information […]

Will MBA Help Your Career?

Career – A light word with a heavy impact on our life and when it comes to take decision around this word it takes lots of brainstorming, strategic thinking and off course lots of courage also to take a wise decision and stick to it. It we search on internet we will find numerous opportunities […]

Self directed learning

Self directed learning is a major role in today’s workforce. It enables the individuals to adapt, plan and develop life terminology by their own experiences, it gives you the practical exposure to the life problems and directs you towards the problem solving approach of it. A Self Directed Learning Model for 21st Century Learners:   […]

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