India’s emerging social commerce poised for growth

How frequently you buy products online? Or how frequently your eye catches a product or apparel that excites you while you are scrolling your social media account? Quite a few times right! Apparently, it’s rising day by day. The rise of social commerce in India is inevitable. Undoubtedly, it is in a state of emergence. India has adapted well to social media, and it has been exceeding throughout the pandemic. Social media plays an essential role in influencing and shaping people’s views, tastes and desires. Social Media is developing as a new communication channel and business model for small and midsized firms and businesses, where it allows dynamic online product innovation and a more understandable and comfortable conversation with brands. In parallel, social commerce players are building and are expected to create more enormous employment opportunities for resellers and suppliers on their platform.

Social commerce is moving on to a growing number of people through the most common traditional mode of advertising which is: “Word of mouth!” Sure everybody has heard of it. In this digital world era, word of mouth has taken place by emerging social media communications. In this method, communities are supporting and helping small- or medium-scale marketers by building a digital marketplace for their products. According to Forrester Research, Indian e-commerce businesses has increased by 7% to 8% in 2020. It has recorded growth as most of the buyers shifted to online shopping due to lockdown restrictions. So what’s obvious is that social commerce is bright and inevitable, inspired by the fast-growing world and rapidly consumer preferences.

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