Are you prepared for the future of social learning?

Adaptability. It is the best thing to learn something new and experience it. We have to come out of our comfort zone and adapt the new things.   People are changing with time as technologies change with time. So, in today’s scenario, “the great growling engine of change is Technology”.

With the internet exploding with information and knowledge resources and tools for learning, teachers can do their best with more exposure and greater emphasis on explanation to their students. Formal learning or the traditional learning system becomes an old one for a new generation. The new generation wants some advanced learning system. So, in today’s education world, it is proved that the social learning system is an alternative system, with some standard tools that will shape the education of tomorrow for the next generation.

So, what is social learning? It is a kind of learning through social interaction, observing the social behaviour of a person at a huge scale of a group of people. Nowadays, it is very important for the students.

Okay now, many of you have the question that is the learning management hassocial friendly for the students? So, the answer is yes. It should be socially friendly. Because this generation does not need more direction to find their knowledge. In this digital era, they want their whole needs at one place where they can utilize them and have a secure environment for their education.

If we talk about the COVID period, the technology and learning system is completely change according to the certain situation. People are sitting at their homes, adopting new technologies and with the help of experience, they gain knowledge. Many institutes open their LMS for both teachers and students. It is very convenient for both of them to use because the sources for their study are stored in one place and it is secured too for the documents, make and exchange something important.

Let’s go to the new world, a new era of education. Let’s prepare for the future of social learning. It will help to achieve the top of your goal; you will find your happiness in gaining lots of experience through this learning system. The subjects may be boring for you, but you will enjoy it when you will prepare for this learning and accept it.


Neelam Nayanee Phukon

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