Why opt for a doctorate degree ?

Let’s begin with the counter-arguments. Firstly, why should one need a Ph.D. if a PDGM or any other professional degree can provide a seven-digit income in a considerably shorter period? Consider watching your batch-mates driving fancy cars while you’re still detained in the university library or a lab. Recognize that pursuing a doctorate degree can be cognitively hard, physically exhausting, and mentally stressful. So, what is the point of pursuing a doctorate? Is it even worth the time and effort invested?

A doctorate degree is designed for students who want to gain a deeper understanding of a subject matter. According to Dr. Paul KH Tam, “one may make a difference” with a Ph.D. “A Ph.D. is about pursuing knowledge for the passion of acquiring knowledge. If one is fortunate, one’s discovery/invention may even change society”. Most people think any doctorate holder ultimately joins academics, which is the most logical route. However, it also opens the door to a profession in businesses focused on research and development.

The pursuit of a doctorate degree invariably requires intensive research. Research is required for the experimentation and development of new drugs to entail the healthcare needs of society. Research is the key driver of any economy as every new technology (i.e. Android, Windows, cloud computing, etc.) in modern society is resulted from in-depth research. There are some domains that require a strong demand for specialist and advanced research capabilities and all of this necessitates the pursuit of a doctorate. In the knowledge era, these domains could include biotech, information technology, management, healthcare, sustainable development, and engineering. A Doctorate degree allows the development of significant transferable abilities that are valued by every company. The essence of this degree educates individuals to become team players, innovators, and have excellent presentation and effective communication skills, besides having critical thinking skills and endurance. Apart from this, doctorates are people with high self-esteem who are considerably respected and valued in society as well.

Additionally, a doctorate is a degree that should only be pursued by those who are sincerely determined to do something unique, establish new expertise, and also be willing to uncover the unknown.

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