Reasons why industrial visits are key to student development

From the very start of joining to the new phase of academic life, till getting placed for job or internship, most of the students except the few never see or get visual experience of an industry/office. They get theoretical knowledge of how a company works, read about their operational and financial workings. That’s why the idea of industrial visits organised by many institutions and colleges. The students visit the industry, know about its working, get knowledge about how the staff works and decorum is maintained etc. These are the important parameters for students to get a rough idea about an industry.

I would like to share my experience in JIMS during my 1st year. Our batch went to the coca cola plant visit and the experience was unique. My eyes got bigger at first when I entered the area by seeing that huge coca cola factory. I was amazed by the kind of disciplined staff who led us the main area. We were briefed by a lady who explained us starting from the history of how the company started to the current revenue it earns ,all the details were embellished in the form of photo frames everywhere in the walls. It did give a cinematic experience. The more and more we entered to the hallway leading to a small box type room where we were offered to sit and they played a video which showed all the advertising journey of coca cola. And that’s when I told myself, what a brilliant welcome, magnanimous staff and that’s why the coca-cola is a brand in itself. Before going there, I was just a graduate, took a step towards doing MBA, but after what happened in that factory, filled me with a lot of confidence to plan my life working in companies like this. I had qualifications, but that industry visit put an immense zeal inside me to be a marketing professional after 2 years and work with brands like this. This wasn’t the end. After that short video, it was time to check the real machines producing the beverage. And we were explained by the volunteer, the working of each and every machine, job roles of each and every individual appointed down there and the theories applied in those workings. Those 30 mins were fully devoted to the operation of the products.

I came out with huge learning; I was full of confidence which wasn’t temporary but permanent, because I could relate the whole industry experience to my subject contents in classroom. That is why industry visits are important for students’ development.

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