E-Summit 2023

JIMS Rohini Institution’s Innovation Council organized E-Summit 2023 on the theme ‘Resilient Entrepreneurs’ on 18th March, 2023 at PHD house, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi. Distinguished entrepreneurs and founders, expressed their views in the summit with the focus on sharing their experiences to the students, when they themselves started their entrepreneurial journey.

The summit began with the lamp lighting ceremony by the dignitaries followed by the welcome address by Dr. Pooja Jain, Director, JIMS Rohini, She highlighted the importance of entrepreneurial spirit amongst the students and JIMS had been actively supporting entrepreneurship among the students by providing various facilities and support. Dr. Harshvardhan Halve, Director General, JIMS Rohini highlighted the importance of innovation in the present day scenario and urged the students to be consistent and persistence in their entrepreneurial journey. He focused on the concept of USE (Useful, Sustainable and Expandable) and urged the students to follow in their entrepreneurial journey.

The Guest of Honor, Dr. Indrajit Ghosh, Chairman, MSME Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, started his speech on a different note. He dwelt on the concepts of circular economy, waste management and sustainability. His speech was focused on the various facilities being provided by Government for assisting the students in setting up their venture. He urged the students to develop the power of persistence and work for self in realizing your potential. He gave numerous examples to the students wherein the power of startups was visible during the Pandemic. He emphasized that there is great scope in rural India and government is providing various assistance to setup up entrepreneurial venture in rural India.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Baharat Sethi-Founder Rage Coffee, began his speech by sharing his experiences from the student life and that doing something different was the key trait which enabled him to distinguish himself from other students. It was this spirit of being different that prompted him to become entrepreneur and set up the Rage Coffee and several other ventures. He focused on the concept of will to win in a situation. As an example, he elaborated how the coffee market is highly saturated and yet he ventured into this business and ensured that Rage coffee is able to carve out the niche in this highly competitive market place. The entire speech was directed at students to develop the clarity, the direction and the passion in setting up the entrepreneurial venture. The end of the Inaugural session was marked by the Vote of Thanks by Dr. Deepika Saxena, Vice President, IIC-JIMS.

The day long summit was divided into two tracks viz.

Track -1 Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Sustainability

Track-2 Nexgen Entrepreneurs

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Track 1 session was a panel discussion included Ms. Vibha Sareen, Chief Experience Officer, Shrima Automall India, Limited, as the moderator. She began the session by setting the momentum and generating vivacious amongst the audience. She elaborated on the concepts of Resiliency, why it is important in the current scenario. She focused on the concept of adding value to the society and entrepreneurs must develop products which add value to the society.

The panelist Mr. Abhinav Singh, Founder and CEO, Tecugo focused on the concepts of TAM (Total Addressable Market) on which he setup his venture. This included aspects such adding value to the society and simultaneously meeting the demands of the market and the environment. The elaborated on the power of persistence, the downturn of the business and how the pandemic provided the best opportunity for coming up innovation and new ideas. He covered the concept of starting small in a prototype manner and then expanding gradually as a the road to great entrepreneurial venture. Panelist Mr. Kisshha Psv, Chairman, All India Robotics Association, and Founder, H-Bots Robotics emphasised on the growing market of Robotics and how they are providing the opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures. The panel member, Mr. Ishu Bansal, Co-Founder and CTO, TruckSuvidha, focused his speech on the concept of Resiliency and how it  had shaped his venture in transforming the lives of the truck drivers during the pandemic. He advised the students to develop consistency, persistence and above all to look for opportunities and capitalize them for adding value to the customers. Another panel member Mr. Abhijit Singh Anand, Founder and CEO, Zindagi Technologies, shared his entrepreneurial journey and addressed the students to develop the power of clarity, the direction which they are passionate about and shaping to their dreams. The panel member, Mr. Madhukar Swayambhu, Co-Founder, Vaidic Srijan Swadeshi Science Movement, began his speech by dwelling on the power of entrepreneurship and that this entrepreneurial spirit was already there in the country since ages. He provided numerous examples from Indian history wherein this was already evident. He focused on the spirit of resiliency and urged the students to develop this basic quality to bounce back every time the business takes a U-turn.

The track 2 panel discussion was led by Ms. Purva Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Good Good Piggy. She elaborated on the importance of NexGen entrepreneurs and the qualities which the students must develop to understand the market and to ensure that they stay relevant to the market. The panel members Mr. Shivendra Gupta, Co-Founder, Samocha,  covered his experiential journey and the qualities which he rectified and developed in himself to carve a niche in the market place; Mr. Naman Gupta, Founder Code Effort, dwell on the concept of how he went about staring his venture and the resistance which he faced from the market, from parents and his peers. He highlighted the technologies which Nex Gen adopt for making their venture a success. Another Member on the panel, Mr, Manaal Maniyar, Founder and CEO, TailBlaze, highlighted his experience as NexGen Entrepreneur and what qualities he first worked on himself before he put his efforts in giving shape to his dream. The summit ended with the vote of thanks by the convenor JIMS – IIC, Ms. Ankita Chopra

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