A Research Career With Unlimited Growth Potential

Research is the Distance between an Idea and its Realization”

– David Sarnoff.

Research is a means of creating something unique, it sets the foundation for execution of an idea. Whether you run a small scale industry or a multinational corporation, from budding writers to non-professionals, being an anthropologist to medical scientists, from TV actors to even criminals each one of them needs research for a better understanding and becoming a master in their field.

Research is a non-detachable part and the essence of a person’s career. Be it the scientific research from “How sleep affects memory reactivation” to some weird but helpful one’s like “ Cows with names produce more Milk” or that “Night owls are more likely to become psychopaths than early birds” , they not only raise public awareness but also become a Tool for facilitating learning and grasping more knowledge about the things around us. Not only research helps in exercising brains but also helps in growing a passion towards the field more and more as it supports true facts and discards the lies promising us a path of gauging opportunities and tremendous scope. Be it in the fields of finance , marketing , accounts or even presenting data to markets a career in research develops the qualities for not only the ones who are analytical but also engages people in debates on the issues raised through that verifiable facts. A career in research develops a person’s apprenticeship and communication skills but also creates a workflow cycle where the benefits of exposure and employability is unlimited.

Thus, Research is the other name for creation. While it contributes to unlimited growth it is the correct path for Inquisitiveness and the construction of creative Innovation.

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