Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Educational Technology (EdTech)

Students today are constantly engaged in utilizing technology, this engagement opens up ways to remarkable opportunities for schools, teachers, and guardians. It can make both teachings and learning a great opportunity. As each student has his own ways of learning, so technology permits teachers to oblige interesting learning styles according to the situation. EdTech is rapidly replacing the part of textbook readings in the study halls and students are learning subjects with the guide of customized computer programs that help them according to their necessities.

Mobile Learning (MLearning)

MLearning can be defined as education or training conducted by means of portable computing devices, for example, cell phones or tablet computers. According to latest reports, 80% of students use cell phones during the daytime. Hence, it makes it feasible to utilize it for the learning interaction.

The main purpose of education is to enable the mind with data and Technology, and it also makes our work simpler. These remote handheld gadgets have better infiltration even in provincial zones where education requirements are not easily available.


The development of a nation depends on the educational framework. At this point when it is paired with interpersonal relationships, insightful teachers, and deliberate projects, it can help to reframe the current learning and teaching environment. In new era of learning, we will experience custom learning by means of smart, sensor enabled & visual gadgets.

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