Implementation of Content strategy on Social platforms

‘Traditional marketing and advertising are telling the world you’re a rock star whereas content marketing is showing the world that you are the one’ – Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Management Institute (CMI).

The environment of marketing is changing drastically and Social media has become the most preferable tool for the awareness and promotion of innovative products. Traditional marketing is losing its grip; companies are anticipating innovative ways to connect by creating awareness and education by deepening their connections with the consumers. Social media is providing a great platform for companies to distribute their messages widely through great content. Social media is a promotional tool whereas content marketing helps in creating lifetime engagement with the customer.

‘’Content marketing is the process of developing and sharing relevant, valuable and engaging content to a target audience with the goal of acquiring new customers or increasing business from existing customers’’- Joe Pulizzi

The goal of Content marketing is to attract customers with interesting, eye-catching, relevant, humorous and non-promotional content. Content marketing and social media are interchangeably used as pure content marketing cannot be functional alone as the majority of content marketing needs to be performed in the digital form. Content marketing has increased widely because social media provides a great platform to distribute the company’s message successfully. Content has become the latest trend in marketing-  Content marketing is to 2013 what Social media marketing was in 2007” -Cision Inc.-Power your story (e-book).

Companies are shifting their marketing budgets and are paying more emphasis on relevant content as consistent and interesting content increases customer engagement and also capture their attention by building customer trust. It is basically publishing and distributing their own stories and creating their own content to grab the attention of their customers. Content can be in the form of text, pictures, infographics or videos. Kaplan and Haenlein (2010) have classified Social media as social media types based on consumer presence and disclosure- 1. Social networking sites that have a high level of consumer social presence and more friendly driven. User has to make a profile relating to personal information, can connect with their family or friends or peers. eg.- Facebook or LinkedIn. 2. Social media content communities have less disclosure and presence although consumers share pictures, videos and any other form of media. On this platform, the user doesn’t have to share personal information.

According to Thompson, (2011), Social Media has given rise to the content communities where the user can generate, consume and share the content in the form of blogs, social bookmarking sites, photos, videos, and comments. The main objective of social media content communities is to share media content between users and allowing any creator of content more flexibility to create and share content on any other platform. Most popular social media content communities are-

  • Videos- YouTube
  • Photos- Instagram and Flickr
  • Bookmarking-
  • Presentation- Slide share
  • Audio- Postcards
  • Community driven question and answer portal- Quora and Yahoo answer

On the basis of the communication content of Social media is classified into two types- User-generated content (UGC) and marketer generated content (MGC). UGC is the content that is generated by the audience or consumer of Social media in the form of reviews. Comments or share. MGC is the content which is generated by Marketer or company in the form of information, knowledge or engagement with their customers. This content allows marketers to track their audience at minimum cost and helps in revenue generation. So the company should encourage User-generated communication on Social media as it will help them in tracking the ideas and opinions of their customers which will further act as an input in the development of their product. 

So it can be rightly said that you can win your customers through the epic content. Social media helps in the distribution of the content created by the organization and its audience.


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