‘HR SUMMIT’ 2019 on ‘Future of Work: Revisiting People, Profiles & Practices’

Session-1: ‘The Changing Landscape of Hiring’

The conventional hiring is undergoing an immense makeover and the entry of new job roles in the market has led job descriptions to evolve. Skills that wouldn’t usually be found in the same role earlier are currently being pooled to design more multi-dimensional profiles. Hence, the long-established resume layouts are presently becoming redundant. In this context, the following few questions were discussed in the session: 

  • How’s the hiring scenario changing?
  • Are the corporates revamping the existing job profiles?
  • What are corporate expectations from future managers?
  • How do corporates harness the potential of social media in hiring?
  • How can students develop their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for corporate entry?

The panelists for the session were Mr. Subhankar Ghose, Director (Strategy & People), ROI Net Solution; Mr. Srinivas Reddy P., Director, TA Metlife; Ms. Kamalika Dena, HR Leader, Business Communicator & TEDx Speaker and Mr. Vikas Dua, Vice President (HR) Aegis. The moderator for the first session namely –Mr. Subhankar Ghose kick-started the session by discussing the rationale for the companies to hire fresh talent. According to him, the first reason is the growth trajectory and the second is when the previous talent is moving out. To fill the previous position, companies hire new and fresh talent. In this background, he talked about how the landscape of hiring is undergoing a tremendous change and then asked the panelists to share their insights on the changing hiring scenario. Mr. Srinivas Reddy responded by telling how organizations have shifted from traditional ‘CV based hiring’ to ‘CV less hiring’ which is based on situational testing of candidates. In this context, he gave the example of his own organization where they don’t go through the CVs of the candidates while hiring but assess them on real-time case studies and situations. He also mentioned that most of the organizations these days are moving from skill-based hiring to hiring on the basis of attitude & passion that a candidate carries, as he firmly believes that skills can be imparted over a period of time but inculcating right attitude is quite difficult. In addition, he discussed the significance of ‘candidate value proposition’ wherein he stated that nowadays a candidate primarily gets selected on the basis of uniqueness that he brings to the table. 

Ms. Kamalika Deka started by highlighting the fact that currently there’s an on-going war for talent and everything is need-based i.e. based on the company’s requirement. She discussed gig economy in the VUCA world and mentioned that by 2020, the contingent workforce (existing 30%) will go up to 50%. She added that it’s no longer necessary that a candidate has to be from a good institute to get hired but his attitude, skill sets, and knowledge that would guarantee his selection. Further, she mentioned that in the past, candidates were selected through employment exchanges and job fairs but these days there is on-line scouting for candidates. In addition, she said that with the innovation in technology, companies are focusing on AI-based hiring, which is very efficient as thousands of resumes are screened out in a few minutes. She also talked about various IT tools which help the companies to gauge the time period for which the candidates would stick around. She concluded by mentioning that with changing times, we need to change because if we don’t upgrade ourselves we would become like dinosaurs. 

Vikas Dua initiated the discussion by recalling the major historical events that impacted the global markets such liberalization in the 1990s, Y2K and it’s impact on IT companies, the subprime crises and the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 and the technological shift in 2016-17. In this context, he discussed how the applications of AI and Robotics these days are not just restricted to production but it’s rampant in almost all the domains. He further mentioned that this is the era where we are working with a digital colleague and there is always a fear of job loss. Therefore, potential candidates must regularly update themselves with the latest technology. Moreover, he clarified that there is a shift in jobs rather than redundancy, therefore, low and non-value adding jobs are historical.

He also emphasized the importance of technology and cloud-based solutions for making the employer meet the actual talent. He further added that these days companies have prepared online assessment tests and the prospective candidates looking for a job can take these tests online and get to know if they can make it to the company. Thus, most of the companies first carry out the assessment of candidates and then look at their resumes. While discussing the current hiring scenario, he mentioned that most of the companies are carrying out case study based interviews and the candidate’s pulse is being assessed through AI-based applications. Thereafter, Mr. Subhankar Ghose concluded the session by reiterating the insights shared by the panelists and advised the budding managers to be mindful of the changing hiring scenario and be better equipped to meet corporate expectations. 


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