Our Future With Artificial Intelligence

“I propose to consider the question,’ can machines think?”  The man who wrote these prodigious lines is non other than Alan Turing. Since he asked this question AI has made tremendous improvements and is marching ahead with great speed as we are focusing on an autonomous system which astonishes everyone.

We are taking the next initiative towards our future. Today’s classrooms have moved beyond traditional learning and are focusing upon new tech tools, interactive online courses, and use of robots. As a matter of fact, Artificial Intelligence has had a profound impact on the nature of services within the Ed-tech sector.

The future of education will be more about learning from the problem-based situations and real-time decision-making. Students are now challenged to apply their knowledge and to rephrase, rethink and reframe the real-world problem and to identify newer solutions for it. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are spreading in all spheres serving Ed-tech.

The example of The da Vinci Xi Robot Surgical Systems continue to advance in the Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) across a wide spectrum of surgical procedures. The AI behind getting the first-ever picture of a “black hole” to how personalized learning can be, AI has created a constantly evolving learning pathway. The important thing is that in the fullness of time all this is happening in a safe environment where students are free to experiment.

There is no doubt that  AI  and machine learning will further bring various advancements in the Ed-tech sector and also make the future brains more brilliant and creative. If AI is properly harnessed it can generate enormous opportunities for people, so it is incredibly exciting for us to see where it takes us!

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