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This is in reference to the small piece you asked me to write about my journey at JIMS and where I am at in my life right now.
“It is an honor to be included as a part of JIMS journey.  I started my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at JIMS in 2014, right after graduating from high school. My first thought was, “I finally made it”. Little did I know it was the beginning of the most beautiful college journey. My time at JIMS was enlightening. The experiences I had at JIMS became my learning centers for today. I am grateful for the support that I received from each faculty member. They encouraged me, empowered me, provided me with great opportunities that helped me grow both personally and professionally.
Currently, I am pursuing higher education in Digital and Content Marketing at York University, one of the prestigious teaching and research universities in Canada. My training at JIMS has proven extremely useful in my professional development and towards the choices I made. JIMS gave me my first job, my first college festival, my first E-cell club, my first VERVE experience, and my first graduation ceremony. Undoubtedly, I have made some lifelong connections whom I cherish to date. JIMS was the college for me and is imprinted in my memory forever.”
Quote By Manvi Popli.
Some of the Faculty Members Name I would like to include:
Anjali Madan
Akanksha Chopra
Parminder Bajaj
Navneet Joshi
Sarita Rana
Neha Jain.
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