MBA student to becoming a Leader

Journey from being an MBA student to becoming a Leader: How JIMS Alumni are shaping industries!

Navigating through the twists and turns of a professional journey, especially in the ever-evolving field of change management, requires not just academic knowledge but also a deep understanding of practical, real-world applications. My career trajectory from a Process Associate to the India-Geo Practice Lead at HCLTECH has been a profound testament to this belief. Here, I share the milestones and experiences that have defined my career path and how my PGDBM from JIMS Rohini laid the foundational stones of my career.

Early Days at Genpact: Understanding the Basics

My professional journey began at Genpact in July 2003, where I started as a Process Associate focusing on Re-engineering, Transition and Analytics Reporting. The rigorous Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) from JIMS equipped me with a robust framework of business processes and analytical skills, essential for my initial roles. My tenure at Genpact was marked by significant milestones, including a business visit to the USA in 2005 and obtaining a work permit for the UK in 2006, both opportunities afforded to me most certainly due to my postgraduate qualifications.

Stepping Up at Punj Lloyd Limited

In January 2007, I transitioned to Punj Lloyd Limited, taking on the role of Business Research Manager for New Business Initiatives. The research skills honed during my time at JIMS were invaluable as I delved deeper into market analysis and strategic planning, laying the groundwork for business expansion.

Decade of Growth at Cognizant

December 2010 marked the beginning of a pivotal decade with Cognizant, where I served as a Senior Consultant for Large-Scale Organizational Change Management Programs. During this period, my career not only grew in terms of roles and responsibilities but also expanded into the realm of thought leadership and knowledge creation. I authored three books during this time: Introduction to Commerce (2011), Are You Ready to Join the Corporate League? (2012) and 5-Minute Life (2018). Each publication drew from my experiences and aimed to guide newcomers in the corporate world. Furthermore, 2018 was a remarkable year as I attained my Ph.D. in Technology Adoption Behavior, which underscored my commitment to understanding the nuances of digital transformation at a granular level. I also worked in the United States on large projects with Walmart Labs, Humana Insurance and Newell Brands, all of which enriched my experience and expanded my global perspective.

Role at HCL Technologies

In January 2022, I embarked on my current role as the India-Geo Practice Lead at HCL Technologies. Here, my focus has been on steering large-scale organizational change management programs. This position has allowed me to leverage my expertise in leading digital transformation initiatives effectively, focusing particularly on the people side of change.

Contributions and Accomplishments

Over the years, I have managed to mentor over 1800 associates and implement significant knowledge management and collaboration tools such as Atlassian Confluence, SharePoint, and Google Workspace. My professional stint of 2 decades involves overseeing projects that enable over 1.5 million end-users and managing a combined portfolio exceeding $100 million.

Reflections and Future Outlook.

Reflecting on my journey, the rigorous training and education from JIMS have been crucial in every step. My academic background prepared me not just for the challenges of today’s dynamic business environment but also equipped me with the ability to foresee and adapt to future changes. As I continue to lead and mentor in the sphere of change management, the core values of perseverance, continuous learning, and strategic foresight remain my guiding principles.

Looking ahead, the goal is to keep building on this foundation with the same zeal and dedication that has brought me this far, striving always to be at the forefront of transformative change in the digital landscape.


Dr. Amit Vikram

PGDBM Batch 2001-2003


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