Self directed learning

Self directed learning is a major role in today’s workforce. It enables the individuals to adapt, plan and develop life terminology by their own experiences, it gives you the practical exposure to the life problems and directs you towards the problem solving approach of it.

A Self Directed Learning Model for 21st Century Learners:


Advantages of Self directed learning:

  1. Self directed learning promotes and develops the natural confidence in an individual.
  2. Self building and growth for the children promotes independence for learning without reliance on coach.
  3. Decreases the chances of lifelong suffering from what they are and what they want by giving clear vision of their path.
  4. Personality development and decision making approach promotion.
  5. SDL learners have better understanding towards problems and their solution

SDL learner can been seen more in many educational Institutes to promote and develop their self-confidence and to deal with different perspective of People and also their instructor uses different assessment to evaluate their skill gaps and checklist to give them feedback accordingly,

Assessment tools such as teacher logs, student self-evaluations, and student self report primary data surveys are useful to gather formative evidence about students application of self-directed learning skills.For examples – Work done under social society responsibility and Industry research project the data covered from initial stage to finding the gap between the projects and to overcome these gaps and output can be found by doing following stuff. Another example of it can be given of Werp India the organization works for women empowerment and hires the volunteer for their Policy Research work and to find best research and opportunity to promote their project and a structured way to solve a problem of their project. These kinds of project doesn’t only works on available solution best enables a individuals for much brain-storming and what strategies were most effective, where they struggled, and what might be better for them, SDL promotes self – questioning, cognitive, social and emotional behaviors during the learning process and also gives you much knowledge in different fields which will also a milestones towards your big success.


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