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Chat GPT – Undiscovered Opportunities And Threats

ChatGPT  is a fast growing technology and AI tool  that is gaining traction because of its capacity to replicate human language. However, like with any technology, ChatGPT has both benefits and potential risks that have yet to be completely recognized. It has the potential to seriously disrupt the existing systems and work processes. Concerns are being raised across the world, even as  ChatGPT has been utilized for a variety of applications, including customer service, personal assistants, and even creative writing amongst others.


Chat GPT is still in its early phase and opportunities for application are slowly emerging. A few of the current prospects include the possibility of ChatGPT being leveraged in the customer service sector, in the education industry as well as in marketing communications.

ChatGPT’ s ability to revolutionize the customer service sector is worth tracking. Chatbots powered by ChatGPT can respond to client questions quickly and personalize responses, saving organisations time and resources. Since they can also operate around the clock it ensures that consumers can access assistance at any time of day. It is possible that as  Chat GPT evolves,  it may  be able to replace human customer care staff for the  simpler tasks while allowing them to focus on more complicated duties.

ChatGPT’ s ability to improve education is another possibility. Chatbots may be used to deliver personalized feedback, answer student queries, and even teach new topics. This could assist in alleviating the  overcrowding in classrooms and also  provide students with individualized attention.

Developing  personalized marketing communications is another area where ChatGPT could start getting traction. The potential is huge because ChatGPT would be able to assess and analyze  customer data and preferences on a continuing basis, develop customized messages to engage with specific customers which in turn would boost sales. This strategy might be especially useful in e-commerce, where personalized recommendations play a significant role in driving sales.


There are serious concerns about the potential dark side of this open AI technology  and the intentional or unintentional disruption that could result from its growing use. The potential that it could get exploited for malicious reasons including the propagating of disinformation or sustaining frauds, is one of the most serious concerns about  ChatGPT . It will become difficult to distinguish between facts and fraudulent information as ChatGPT develops and acquires  more complex capabilities,  making it simpler for unscrupulous agents to deceive people.

There is also the risk that ChatGPT could be instrumental in  promoting prejudices and preconceptions. If ChatGPT is trained on biased data, it may perpetuate those prejudices in its replies. This might have serious consequences, especially in industries like recruitment, where biased algorithms could lead to discrimination against specific groups.

Finally, there is the risk of being overly reliant on ChatGPT. As more firms and sectors use ChatGPT, there is a risk that they may become overly reliant on the technology. This might result in a loss of human knowledge and decision-making, which could have long-term detrimental implications.



ChatGPT is an effective technology  that  has distinct  potential for both opportunities and dangers. While AI has the ability to transform industries such as customer service and education, it also has hazards, such as the possibility of malevolent usage and the persistence of prejudices.

Thus In order to ensure that the advantages of ChatGPT are fully realized while minimizing hazards, developers, corporations, and legislators must collaborate to define ethical principles and rules for its use. Only then will we be able to fully realise the promise of this remarkable technology.

By Sakshi Khatri (BBA 21-24)

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