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Anju Sharma JIMS Alumni- Redefining HR leadership

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Meet Anju Sharma: Redefining HR leadership

Current Role: Associate Director HR at Accelalpha | Head of HR APAC Region | SHRM, HRCI, CPD certified POSH Trainer & DE&I Consultant, DiMAP

Anju Sharma’s journey from JIMS, Rohini, Delhi, to becoming a seasoned HR leader at Associate Director HR at Accelalpha is a testament to her relentless dedication and expertise in the field of human resources. Having graduated from JIMS in 2009, Anju has gathered 14+ years of diverse HR expertise, sharing insights from her ongoing journey.

Seeding success at JIMS

Anju’s ascent to becoming a seasoned HR leader didn’t begin at Accelalpha—it was nurtured and ignited at JIMS.  She acknowledges that the curriculum, coupled with hands-on experiences and guidance from mentors, equipped her with the theoretical knowledge and practical insights necessary to navigate the complexities of the HR landscape. The exposure to diverse perspectives, interactive learning environments, and industry-relevant teachings played a pivotal role in shaping her approach as a strategic HR professional. The supportive and encouraging environment nurtured her passion for HR and instilled in her the confidence to pursue her career aspirations with determination and zeal.

“JIMS wasn’t just a place to learn; it was a springboard of opportunities. It taught me not just theories, but how to seize opportunities, shape my future, and make a real impact in the world of HR.”

Transforming the HR landscape

Anju’s career trajectory soared as she assumed the role of Manager and Site Lead at Netcracker Technology. Leading a team of HR professionals, she spearheaded initiatives addressing critical business issues, from workforce development and employee engagement to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) within the company. Her strategic acumen and collaborative approach with senior executives exemplified her ability to navigate dynamic corporate environments.

Elevating her career further, Anju took on the mantle of Associate Director, HR Innovation at Accelalpha. Her proficiency and expertise in HR practices has positioned her to drive innovative strategies within the organization. Steering HR initiatives and pioneering inventive approaches, she has contributed significantly to Accelalpha’s growth and development while also addressing crucial business facets from workforce development to championing diversity and inclusion. Her collaborative spirit resonates with senior executives, exemplifying her knack for steering impactful changes within the company.

The JIMS impact: Fueling a transformative journey

Reflecting on her journey, Anju acknowledges the pivotal role of JIMS in driving her growth, stating, “JIMS, Rohini, stands as the cornerstone of my professional journey. The institution not only imparted invaluable knowledge but also instilled in me the core values and skills that have been instrumental in shaping my career. The exposure to diverse perspectives, interactive learning environments, and industry-relevant teachings at JIMS have played a pivotal role in shaping my approach as a strategic HR professional. I’m immensely grateful for the holistic education, unwavering support, and nurturing environment that have empowered me to lead and excel in the dynamic realm of human resources.”

Inspiring future HR leaders

Anju’s story serves as an example for aspiring HR professionals, demonstrating how dedication and expertise pave the way for remarkable success. She embodies the ethos of a transformative HR leader, driving individual and organizational excellence at every step. Her journey from JIMS exemplifies the power of quality education and nurturing environments, shaping future generations striving for excellence in the field of HR.



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