Business Analytics in PGDM

Top Reasons to Pursue Business Analytics in PGDM

The research report from a leading Indian Analytics firm, as of March 2020 says, the analytics function in India has earned consolidated revenues of $35.9 On showing a 19.5% growth in revenue over previous year. To highlight further, the analytics domain accounts for 19% of the total revenues of the Indian IT and ITES market. The BFSI sector contributes to 10.7% of the total revenue earned in the financial year.
These numbers are a testament to an incredible growth potential that the Business analytics domain holds for the future aspirants pursuing their career in this vertical.
Business Analytics has emerged as a popular PGDM Specialisation in the past decade owing to the demand for experts from this field by the leading brands. This specialisation provides an insight into the data-driven perspective of business operations.
Some popular subjects that are taught in this specialisation are:
1. Data Mining using R
2. Descriptive Analytics and Data Visualisation
3. Forecasting and Big Data Analytics
4. Predictive & Prescriptive Analysis
The primary aim of including Business Analytics specialisation in the PGDM course curriculum is to develop financial acumen of future managers to solve practical business problems.

Here are the top 5 reasons that will motivate you to pursue Business analytics specialisation:

Emerging Roles in Analytics Domain
There is a rapidly growing demand of PGDM graduates who are trained in the art of understanding numbers from the Business Analysts’ perspective. Corporates require aspirants to join the profiles where professions can assist them in exploring, detecting, visualizing and communicating meaningful patterns from the data collected by the firm. Analytics experts know the appropriate application of tools, and software’s that saves time for quick decision making to beat the competition and emerge as the leader of the race.

Opportunity to Pursue a Highly Rewarding Career
Business analytics field is a highly rewarding field for young professionals aiming to mint money at the beginning of their career trajectory. As per the data collected from, the average salary in this job profile stands at Rs. 7,00,000 per annum in India provided that the aspirants has acquired complete knowledge of the domain. In addition to this, you are likely to see an increase of 20-35 percent at least on yearly basis. As per the current job trend, Business analytics domain is one of the highest-paid jobs around the world.

Be the Most Sought-After Professionals
The domain of Business Analyst is nowhere going to dwindle in the next one to two decades as per the predictions of the finance pandits. So, if you are in search for a career that lets you display your potential for a considerable duration, this is where you need to put your efforts. By pursuing this specialisation, you will get the chance to be a highly sought-after professional from the management domain. A flourishing field like Business analytics will pay you really well and will open gates even for overseas opportunities.

Plethora of Opportunities in Several Sectors
The science of analytics is not restricted to any one domain, whether it is Banking, Retail, finance, Healthcare, Textile, Media, Automotive, among others, business analytics is applicable everywhere. Professionals who have acquired skills to hold positions such as Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant, Database Administrator, Data Visualization Analyst, Data Scientist, and Metrics and Analytics Specialist etc. will get an access to a plethora of opportunities in the current job market.

Valuable Asset to the Organization
It is an undeniable fact that business analytics is at the core of the business operations. Top notch-brands such as Google, KPMG, EY, BCG, and Accenture among others are investing their tremendous wealth in training people to acquire the business acumen to play with numbers. While most of the organisations survive on numbers to understand the market trend, imagine your worth when you will be working for the core operations of the organisation.

Some of the highly critical financial decision will be weighed on the tasks you work out on daily basis for your firm. So do not miss out on the chance to earn a competitive edge in the market by earning a degree in business analytics.

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