What is the difference between a leader and a manager?

Leader and Manager both are strong words used for people having a strong personality with different skill sets. It is always said that a leader can be a manager but a manager cannot be the leader. This is because of the following differences:

  • A manager is the one who oversees a team but a leader is the one who looks after the team which means the manager acts as a supervisor in a team but a leader act as a caretaker of the team.
  • A manager is the one who focuses on accomplishing the objectives of the organization whereas a leader is the one who focuses on maintaining relationships with the team members and non-team members.
  • A manager is an expert at executing tasks but a leader is the one who casts a vision for the team which means the manager focuses on completing the work but leader focuses on giving a new look to the teamwork.
  • A manager focuses on making plans whereas a leader focuses on inspiring people which means a leader is an inspiration as well as the motivator for the team but the manager is a controller or director of the team.
  • A manager is the one who does things right but a leader is the one who does the right things which means a manager concentrates on doing things in the right way but the leader focuses on doing only the right things.
  • A manager is the one who manages by position whereas a leader is the one who leads by the influence which means a leader has the skills of influencing the team whereas manager gives orders because of his position to make the work done by the subordinates.

Top tips for making business presentations

An effective business presentation is not only about the good-looking slides but it is also about the content and the way the presenter presents it in front of the audience. To help students, here are some tips which can be followed to prepare for an effective business presentation:

  • Relevant Content: Before selling the idea, the presenter needs to have relevant content in the presentation regarding the topic. The presenter must know the pointers they are explaining and should take help of visual aids to make presentation attractive and should add quotes related to the topic. The compere can also explain the points by telling a story so that audience can relate the subject with the story and understand the concept properly.
  • Be a motivator: Communication matters a lot when you stand in front of people, your focus must be on motivating your audience and being passionate about yourself. The vibes you give to your audience should be encouraging & motivating them to listen carefully to what you are saying.
  • Setting goals: Just before starting with the presentation it will become more meaningful if you tell your audience the layout of your presentation and what they will get from your presentation if they pay attention.
  • Body Language & Gestures: The way presenters carry themselves while presenting tells a lot about their personality. A strong personality will be depicted if the presenter shows up in smart formals, maintaining an eye-contact with the listeners and carrying a confident smile on the face.
  • Interact with the audience: A business presentation gets boring when the presenters just keep on explaining what he/she wants to. So, instead of just explaining the one side presenters should interact with their audience well by talking to them and making them comfortable with interaction. Presenters can also add some business-friendly humor in the speech which attracts the audience to not only listen but also respond.
  • Follow 10-20-30 Rule: The rule states that the number 10 means that 10 slides are adequate for presenters to summarize their argument. Excess information will lead to lose the concentration of the listeners. The number 20 means that, 20 minutes is the average time an individual can pay attention. So, the compere should summarize the presentation within that time and the number. The number 30 denotes the font size of the presentation which is easily readable even for the audience sitting at the back of the room. So, the presenter should use minimal text to show up on the screen.

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