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Retail Executive Summit 2k23

The Indian Retail industry has seen a drastic transformation over the past few decades. From being a traditional market, India has opened its doors to various International brands which has changed the entire game of Indian Retail.

In the light of growth and future of the Indian retail industry, Jagan Institute of Management Studies conducted a Retail Executive Summit in collaboration with PHD House inviting most of the renowned speakers and retail industry leaders  who came together to discuss various aspects of the retail industry and how technology has played a key role in enhancing the sector.

Consumer convenience, the key foundation on which the global retail industry functions, coupled with new technological advancements has taken the Indian Retail Industry to new heights of success.

Emergence of Direct to Consumer brands has again helped the consumers reach out to their preferred brands without any intermediaries. With the rising digital awareness and adaptation, brands have been able to reach their target audience with much ease.

The esteemed panelists also spoke of new age consumer convenience and how brands are required to connect with their target audience through their brand legacy and storytelling around the brand. During the covid-19 period, Retail industry has seen a significant shift to online mode from the traditional brick and mortar stores worldwide. This has made the brands come up with new standards and ease of services that can be extended for a greater consumer experience.

The Indian Retail industry keeps making required amendments and works towards greater consumer experience which has enabled it to become one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy.

Closing the discussion, the esteemed panelists spoke of how vast and welcoming the Retail sector is and what tremendous scope it has to offer in terms of careers, economic growth and overall development of the industry.


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