Trendy Career for Millennials

The days are gone when people only thought of engineering, medical, etc as career options. With the changing time (globalization) of technological innovation and social networking, many skill-based career options are in demand. By appropriate training, one can excel in their area of interest. 10 trending careers for Millennials doing great in India:  

1. Digital Marketing: Marketing on online platforms is the next big thing now as marketers need to reach their audience on Instagram, Facebook, etc. With skills such as social media skills, content writing on the same platform – one earns between Rs. 30000 to Rs. 50000 per month. YouTube and bloggers are also doing great in the online space.

2. Data Analyst: Data-driven positions requiring mathematical, statistical, and critical thinking skills are on a rise, as companies need to collect large sets of structured and non-structured data to come out with logical solutions and future plans. 

3. Ethical Hacking: Ethical hackers work for private and public organizations to secure computer systems by ensuring data security. Candidates proficient in programming languages, internet security systems, operating systems, and analytical thinking are hired to provide cybersecurity solutions. 

4. Nutritionist:  With the change in lifestyle pattern, people are now becoming health conscious. Nutritionists and dieticians are now in demand to provide customized solutions to their clients. Some nutritionists work from home through online platforms while some prefer face to face meetings. 

5. Public Relations: PR is an interesting career filed for those who are adept at communication and management skills. Many renowned companies and institutions in India and abroad are always a lookout for PR professionals who can work closely on media-related tasks and events to promote and maintain the brand. 

6. Photography: Landscape Photography, Documentary Photography, Architectural Photography, Food photography, Candid photography, Wildlife photography and there are many more genres where people can achieve excellence. Just by successful completion of 10+2 level and then pursue a degree in Journalism and Mass-communication or a diploma in photo-journalism. 

7. Psychology: Dealing with people in distress and listening to their problems whole-heartedly is the biggest quality that a person must possess to become a psychologist. Preferably person should have a background in Humanities at 10+2 level with ‘Psychology’ as one main subject. Later, pursue graduation in B.A. (Psychology) and if a person wants to go for higher education then they can also pursue Masters and Ph.D. in this field

8. Driving: Driving is not a full-time profession in which one would love to engage but with the advent of digital industry the game is changing. People can be the owner and drivers of their own business. Get a few cabs registered under Ola and Uber to earn handsomely through this industry also. 

9. UX/UI designer: User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design are two different functions, which may or may not be performed by the same person. UI design mostly focuses on the visual aspects of a product and deal mostly with graphics, color scheming and the pleasing effects of the products. 

10. Financial planning and analysis: FP&A is an in-house finance role on the corporate side. Financial Planning Analyst task can be to create financial strategies for customers in line with their desires and resources, manage client relationships and grow customer base. 


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