From attending the first class to getting placed in EY: Rashmeet Kaur

I am lucky to have spent 2 years studying the full-time PGDM program at JIMS, Rohini. During my journey, I learned about entrepreneurship, operations, negotiation, decision analysis, accounting, all parts of marketing, designing an HR system, financial modeling, service marketing, dozens of frameworks for simplifying complex problems and much more. But when I look back, what matters to me the most is all the ways I have grown as a person.

As a committed JIMS ambassador, I’ve thought of what I got out of my MBA on numerous occasions.

At the starting of my very first class at JIMS, we were introduced to the concept of ‘Economics’. Starting with economics and ending up understanding financial models is what all helped me to enhance my skills and get groomed to start my professional career.

During my MBA program at JIMS, I understood the importance of time management, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and how to lead a team of different personalities.

It’s impossible to list all the situations and responsibilities which contributed to my personal growth in different ways over the 2 years. But like the rest of my classmates, I had many amazing, unexpected and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. What is true is that from day one, I stayed well outside my comfort zone. If you ask me now, this is the first principle of personal growth: get outside your comfort zone.

I spent countless hours preparing my CV and preparing for interviews at workshops and seminars at the campus with the help of professors, mentor and classmates, and by myself. It’s important to prepare well to enter the corporate world and that’s how I achieved my dream company: EY.

Known as a topper in JIMS, I would say I got placed in EY only because of the efforts and knowledge of the professors at JIMS. They always provide guidance to create a good future and a successful career.

Being a member of CRMC in JIMS, Rohini, I have experienced that the CRMC team is really concerned about the students and always stands by their side to ensure they have a great career ahead.

Life at JIMS is full of cultural activities and fun. I have celebrated every festival on campus. I’ve enjoyed fests where celebrities like Parmish, Mankirat, Neha Kakkar, Daler Mehndi, Badshah, Rafftar, Babbal Rai, Jassi Gil and many more visit the campus every year.

I’ve always cherished every moment of my college life. I enjoyed the pre-placement sessions, presentations, mock GD/PIs, and helping my friends to prepare for the exams.

It feels like you close your eyes and the semester ends!

JIMS will always stay close to my heart and I wish the relationship between me and everyone there stays intact- the same healthy relationship as now! I wish JIMS family to grow and always shine like a star.

About the Author:

My name is Rashmeet Kaur. I’m pursuing my PGDM from JIMS, Rohini (2017-19 batch). With hard work and help from the college, I secured a placement in Ernst & Young and am really proud of it.



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