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“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow” -Anthony J. D’Angelo


After graduating in (Electronics and Communication Engineering) from my hometown, Meerut, I decided to take a shift in my career and started exploring options to grow myself in the field of management because I felt that just being a technical guy was not enough. If you want to grow in a competitive world like today, you have to be an all-rounder. To start my management career, I choose JIMS as an option which is an AIU approved college and has also achieved NAAC accreditation.
To walk away from the comfort of the family seems to be very exciting but it comes with a lot of responsibilities also. The hand that picked you up whenever you feel, feels missing. You have to motivate yourself and get up to continue your journey. Having weaknesses is not bad, but knowing them and not working to transform them into your strengths is. JIMS helps you to know what you are and what you need to change in yourself. Earlier I used to be an introvert
person but JIMS provided me various platforms where I could showcase my talents and could leverage my skills and abilities.
At JIMS we get to learn through the implementation of knowledge in practical form. In the starting days of my journey, I was selected as a member of the CRMC club in which I got the responsibility of contacting people from various companies and had to invite them for guest lectures, internships and campus placements. Acquisition of knowledge is necessary but is of no use until and unless it is practically applied. Through the practical and rational approach followed by the faculty at JIMS we get to learn through various case studies, guest lectures given by people from
various companies, group discussions, live projects and various other activities that improve our communication and interpersonal skills. At JIMS, I could learn from teachers from various top colleges of Delhi. Although being a student from a science background, I faced little difficulty in managing various subjects related to accounts but the faculty helped me a lot by clearing my doubts no matter how many times I asked.
The CRMC club of college works continuously to bring various live projects and internships for the students. JIMS has excellent corporate contacts that help them get these live projects and internships. I did a live project with Microsoft where I had to spread awareness about its chatbot “Ruuh” through social media marketing in which I got to learn how to use social media as a tool for marketing.
Internship, a very essential part of the PGDM curriculum where you can directly learn by being a part of the corporate culture and can explore opportunities in your field of interest. Being a marketing student, I could easily get my summer internship in Parag Milk Foods Ltd. where I had to visit some restaurants on a daily basis and had to convince their purchase managers to try products from the company. There I gained knowledge about how to deal with people at different levels and convince them which improved my persuasion and communication skills.
Moreover, the faculty mentors that are assigned to each student are also highly experienced and helpful. My mentor Dr. Sumesh Raizada helped me a lot in preparing my summer internship project report. Overall it was a great learning experience.
Talking about placement at JIMS which is the primary goal of almost every student who pursues PGDM, as soon as the final year of PGDM starts, companies start visiting the campus for placements. I got my placement at Schindler, which is a well-known brand for manufacturing elevators, escalators, and moving walkways. JIMS prepares you for placements in a well-organized manner. Various mock group discussions and personal interviews are conducted by the college to boost the confidence of students and improve their capabilities. They also conduct preparatory sessions for students to motivate them by inviting people from companies that are about to come for placements.
Now if we talk about the entertainment part, JIMS takes care of that too. There are various cultural and social programs that are conducted by a cultural club-like talent hunt, fresher’s party. Also, there is an annual fest of JIMS called VERVE in which various stars come and perform. There are some other clubs also like marketing club, HR club, finance club, entrepreneurship cell which conducts various activities so that students can participate in them
and can improve their knowledge by learning through fun. Hence JIMS provides all that is required by a student and has been one of the best experiences of my life that will always shine as a symbol of excellence. I am very thankful to JIMS and will surely miss it.


Ayush Jain


JIMS, Rohini

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