Essential tips to prepare for online video interview.

Online video interview is a type of job interview which  uses technology as the communication medium. The main advantage of online video interview is that it saves the time, money, movement and also improves the quality of data in the recruitment management system. There are many apps on which online interview can be taken like skype, facetime, google hangout, zoom etc. There are two types of online video interviews i.e. synchronous and asynchronous.  

  • Synchronous video interview is the type of online interview that are conducted live over the internet with both the interviewer and the candidate in attendance and are often used as an alternative to an in-person interview.
  • An asynchronous video interview is the type of interview that is recorded by the aspirant at a time convenient to them. Typically, the applicant responds to questions displayed by the video interview platform. The hiring manager is not present for the interview.

Online video interview is used at many stages in the hiring process. For example- a aspirant who wants to do job outside India, have to give his interview to the company with the help of internet. 

The essential tips that are needed to prepare for an online interview are:

  • Practice – “practice makes the man perfect” a aspirant should practice for the video interview. This will make him/her familiar with video conferencing.


  • Speak clearly and positively– a aspirant should make eye contact with the interviewer. A aspirant should face like he/she is talking to the camera not the monitor. He/she should sit a little back from the computer than normal and ensure that the camera should be at the right height to meet at eye-level. He/she doesn’t have to look up or down at the camera, proper eye contact should be there with interviewer.


  • Dress code– a aspirant should treat video interview as he/she is giving face to face interview. He/she should be properly dressed up.


  • Be 100% professional– a aspirant should make sure that his/her video calling or skype account has a professional username and profile picture.

Internet speed– internet speed should be good, a aspirant should make sure that during the interview there should not be any type of network issue/disconnection. For a clear HD video connection, at least1mbps is needed. A aspirant can test internet speed at


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