Most and Least Scoring Sections in MBA Entrance Exams

CAT exam is approaching and is one of the toughest exams for taking admissions in MBA/PGDM. Even though the syllabus of the CAT remains consistent still listing down few topics will be unjustified. The key to crack CAT is to write the mock tests as many as you can. Writing mock test will make you understand in which areas you are strong and can prove to be your score boosters. If you are strong at caselets or graphs, data interpretation can be your strong area. On the contrary, if you have command over the language or you can read at a faster pace, VARC can be your scoring area. However, practicing is the key to enhance your chances of scoring in the areas of interest.

VARC section in CAT Exam can be a good scoring section as the questions are para jumbles, summary and odd one that can be mastered easily with regular practice.

On the contrary, in the quant section usually 50 percent of the questions are in easy to moderate category. These questions are geometry, number system, ration & proportion and profit loss.

There are 8 to 9 question which comes in difficult category and are based on Progressions, Permutations and Combinations, Logs, Maxima Minima, and Functions & Graphs. Therefore, they not should not be targeted unless sure.

DILR is the toughest section to tackle. It majorly depends on the interest that what kind of questions like – Traditional DILR, Modern DILR or Game based questions. It is imperative to understand the thought process of the questions. Once cracked, related questions can be answered easily. Therefore, to score well in this particular section, the reader has to make a choice wisely.


Though it largely depends on the interest and sections you are strong at but still practicing is the key to success in any entrance exam. Practicing helps you to identify your most and least scoring areas and plan the things more accurately precisely.

Similarly, MAT exam is approaching and the candidates must collect information on How to score well in MAT . Along with the preparation of MAT exam, it is imperative to test your strategies via practice that will enable you to solve 200 questions without much ado. The MAT exam consists of 200 questions dispersed in five sections with a time limit of 150 minutes or 2 hour 30 minutes. Also, there is no sectional limit that will limit the candidates to move back and forth between sections.

The five sections are

  1. Language Comprehension
  2. Mathematical Skills
  3. Data Analysis and Sufficiency
  4. Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
  5. Indian Global Environment.

Every section carries 40 questions of 1 mark each. The level of difficulty varies from section to section. To score good you must plan a strategy before starting the test. Moreover, every candidate has different intellect and ability so the candidates must start from the section which they think they are good at. They must not waste their time in thinking. However, the success to any entrance exam is to practice.

Practice makes a man perfect.

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