CAT 2019: A Brief Analysis

The Common Admission Test or CAT 2019 just got wrapped up, and the whole country is anxious about what this year’s exams will mean for them. With around 244,169 candidates registering for CAT 2019 alone, tensions are high, and every applicant wants to know what the experts have to say. 

We at JIMS India have conducted a thorough analysis of this year’s exam, and here’s our take. 

Off the bat, it can be claimed that the verbal section in CAT 2019 was significantly tricky as compared to previous installments of the exam. On the other hand, the sections covering LR as well as DI were much simpler as compared to the last two chapters of the exam. From this data, one can estimate that a candidate who has secured an average of 165 is more likely to get 99 percentile, which is considered excellent among the ranks. 

A close look at the layout of the overall paper has indicated that the questions had a medium difficulty level, and the feedback from over 1000 words co-relates to the same. 

Although one can’t say that this year’s CAT was easy, it can be concluded that CAT 2019 was a mixed platter of hard and easy problems, served just right. 

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