After the CAT…………….

Hello Friends!


Well CAT 2019 is finely over and the thrill, excitement, anticipation, doubtfulness, eagerness and other forms of superlatives are in the air. For, those who ardently attempted to bell the CAT are waiting eagerly for 2nd January 2020 (when the results are expected to be announced) while those who will be attempting to showcase their preparation for belling the CAT 2020 are eagerly waiting to understand the trend and pattern of CAT scores and then determine the next course of action required to make it to a good B-School.

Friends, this transition period niched between CAT Exam and result declaration, does provide an opportunity for introspection. In other words, it enables you to determine the answers to the following discernible questions:

  1. What if I fail to get a good percentile score?
  2. Will I get a call from good B-school when my percentile score is somewhere 90?
  3. What other options will I have if my percentile score is low?

And the like.

Well, Friends. These questions will keep on bombarding you every now and then. A pragmatic approach is needed to tackle these questions. 

Here are some of the suggestions to mollify your feelings after the CAT exam:

  • Remember that the CAT score is just a number. And, this number is used to classify YOU where you stand amongst the masses in terms of percentile. That is whether you are standing in the front row, in the middle row or the bottom row. It is up to you as to how you see YOURSELF based on your percentile score
  • Remember that the CAT score is a reflection of your assessment by the CAT body on 4 parameters viz. Verbal and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning and   Quantitative Ability. So your CAT score is reflexive of your performance in these 4 parameters ONLY
  • Remember that a high CAT score is no guarantee for getting into top-notch B-School which you are looking at or are aspiring for. This score is based on 4 parameters only whereas the subsequent rounds of the CAT exam deal with more practical aspects such as analysis of current events, interpretation of data and the like during group discussions and face to face to interviews.
  • Remember, that getting a high or a low CAT score is NO assurance that you will be a success in life. After completing your study when you enter the real world, it throws several exams at you which are much tougher than CAT exams 
  • Remember, B-schools are there to provide you the environment to build YOURSELF by developing your skills and competencies to face the hyper-competitive world in the future. The sooner you realize this then CAT score, top-notch B-School notions which you have been harboring do not stand merit

So dear Friends. Utilize the time After the CAT……….   Bye!


Sanjive Saxena

Associate Professor, Management

JIMS Rohini