Sneak Peek with Rohit Gupta, Alumni of JIMS Rohini- “Look within instead of searching”

Sneak Peek with Rohit Gupta, Alumni of JIMS Rohini – Accredited from National Board of Accreditation (NBA), Jagan Institute of Management Studies provide undergraduate and postgraduate level courses. Rohit Gupta, Alumni of JIMS Rohini shared their experience while having word with careers360. Getting a degree from JIMS Rohini opened new opportunities for Rohit and how the basics that he learned during his course provided him practical exposure. Rohit Gupta heads the North and East India for Bharti AXA General Insurance. Read the full article by careers360 to take Sneak to peek with Rohit Gupta, Alumni of JIMS Rohini with regard to their journey from the real world work profile.

Question. Tell us about your domain and your work profile. At a professional level, did you pursue the same field you were interested or you switched?

Rohit Gupta – I work in a Sales Domain. I head North and East India for Strategic Alliances for Bharti Axa General Insurance. Yes at a professional level I am pursuing the same field in which I specialized in JIMS, Rohini.

Q. Can you briefly tell us about your career path so far?

Rohit Gupta – I started my career in 2003 after my MBA from JIMS Rohini. Companies where I had worked so far-Madura Coats, ICICI Prudential Life, Planman Consulting, Bharti Axa Life, Religare Health Insurance and Bharti Axa General Insurance(Presently working)

Q. Is industry work different from what you learn at B-School?

Rohit Gupta – Yes, it is totally different but the basics of Management which we learned are always useful in professional life. The Environnement of JIMS Rohini allowed me to see through the college campus to the corporate world. Definitely, the gates of campus were open for all candidates so they could understand and learn far more than what was part of the syllabus.

Q. How do you think your MBA program has added value to your life, both professional and personal?

Rohit Gupta – Professionally yes where I got a promotion due to this qualification. In Personal life, belonging to a business family no one except me had done an MBA when I passed out in 2003. I always feel good and proud to be 1st member in my family to achieve this milestone and always encourage others in my family to pursue a professional course from JIMS Rohini.

Q. What was your initial thought process when you joined your MBA program?

Rohit Gupta – It was only a thought that I will get a different degree apart from regular university courses. My work stamina greatly increased. I have no problem working many hours to find the answers I need to help move the mission forward, whatever that mission is, as long as I believe in it.

Q. You must have spent a memorable time at your B-School. Do you miss being a part of it? Share a few good memories.

Rohit Gupta – Yes JIMS Rohini memories are more memorizing than my normal school days. I was in the Placement cell of JIMS Rohini where I got a chance to travel to Mumbai for endorsing JIMS in different companies so that companies could come for Final Placement. I spent 1 week along with my other 4 classmates. That experience was a totally different memory.

Second memory which I still remember in JIMS Rohini is: I was the Organising member of Annual Fest-Verve’03 where I was responsible for organizing the entire fest, responsible for bringing Chief Guest to the MIKA live show.

Memories last forever, there are many other memories but not possible to jot down everything here.

Q. Briefly take us through your life at the campus, the activities you used to do and your routine life.

Rohit Gupta – By mistake, I was very studious in my PGDM. I tried to never miss any lectures. Our group of 4 students was quite famous. If we were not in class others most of the time thought that there is no class on that day. Going to the cafeteria of JIMS Rohini was fun. Coming on time in the morning and going in the evening around 5 p.m. then planning for the next day. This was the routine work on the beautiful campus of JIMS Rohini.

Q. Apart from academics, what were the other activities you were involved in and how did it enrich your life?

Rohit Gupta – Placement cell and Cultural festival cell of JIMS Rohini gave me a lot of experience to move in my professional life as both had given me a lot of exposure which was most needed at that time.

Q. You are a proud alumnus of this top B-School. What is the best part of JIMS Rohini from a student’s perspective?

Rohit Gupta – Large Campus with all facilities which are needed in today’s time. Huge Library at JIMS Rohini is definitely a plus point where you have access to all the study material. The guest lecture is another good practice as JIMS Rohini encourages students to learn important aspects of professional life from Alumni and corporate bigwigs.

Q. What is your suggestion/guidance for the MBA aspirants?

Rohit Gupta – INTROSPECT BEFORE YOU EXPECT. Instead of expecting something from someone else, look at what you want. When it comes to selecting which colleges or which program you wish to opt, I would suggest everyone look deep within and then decide. It’s your future your life. All the very best.


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