JIMS Faculty Gets Best Paper Award At Thailand Conference

Ms, Jyotsna Assistant Professor, presented a paper entitled, “Factors Affecting Workplace spirituality in Educational Institution in Delhi NCR: An Exploratory Study” in Dhon Buri Rajabhat University, Thailand on 14th December 2019. The theme of the conference was “Future Innovation and Sustainable Development for Asian Countries”. Several institutions from all over the world participated in this conference. Some of the issues on which academic discussions and deliberation were held included innovation research in social science, innovation education for Sustainable development, innovative research in agriculture, innovative research in engineering and technology, etc. In the paper presented the issue discussed was that over the last decade the term workplace spirituality has gained popularity in the academic front. Spirituality at the workplace is relatively a new concept and is on the theoretical stage. Recently it has acquired a colossal amount of attention in the field of management research and academia. There are many kinds of research available in the field of job satisfaction, commitment and work performance, but there is a dearth of studies in the field of work performance and factors affecting it. The objective of the paper presented was to explore these factors and exploratory analysis was conducted using a survey technique on a convenient sample of 396 respondents using modified scales available.


Assistant Professor