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Building Legacy: Alumni who are leaving lasting impressions in their fields

Starting an MBA isn’t just about academics; this revolutionary programme can deeply change your personal and professional life. And this is truly reflected in my story, from being a PGDM student to a successful banking professional who has climbed the ladder in banking by being ambitious, and by thinking ahead and leading in a new way.

Early Beginnings in the World of Banking

I began my journey in October 1998 as an Assistant Manager at The Bank of Punjab in Delhi. The early days were all about laying a strong foundation. While there, I played critical roles in modernizing and re-engineering business processes which laid down the markers of an influential career in banking. The rigorous PGDBM from JIMS taught me a solid foundation of how the banking sector works and sharpened my ability to analyze situations, which was important for my profession. My contributions towards transforming a traditional banking setup into a modern, technology-driven team played a pivotal role in achieving big goals in my current role.

Stepping Up the Ladder

The journey from an Assistant Manager to a Chief Manager at ICICI Bank from 2005 to 2011 was marked by significant achievements and learning outcomes. During this period, I was instrumental in streamlining operations with a high dependency on operational efficiency and robust business plans based on modern technology. The research and innovation skills I developed at JIMS were really important, as based on that learning I was able to implement new technologies that led to business growth.

Expanding Horizons at YES BANK

In April 2011, a major shift occurred when I joined YES BANK as a Regional Head. Over the next 11 years, I managed a network of large retail banking branches across Delhi. My tenure at YES BANK was characterized by excellence in regional management, showcasing an ability to lead expansive teams and a significant uplifting of the region’s financial performance. During this time, my career didn’t just grow with more important tasks and duties, but it also branched out into leading new ways of thinking and creating knowledge.

A Short but Impactful Tenure

In August 2022, I took on a new challenge as a Zonal Manager at CSB Bank Limited. Though the time here was brief that lasted for just two months, it was, nevertheless, a critical experience that added another layer of expertise to my distinguished career, preparing me for my next big role.

Current Role: Shaping the Future

As of September 2022, I have been serving as the Senior Regional Business Manager at Equitas Small Finance Bank. In this role, my responsibilities stretch across the vibrant regions of Delhi NCR and UP, where I lead with a vision to integrate cutting-edge banking solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of modern customers. My leadership is not just about managing day-to-day operations but also about envisioning the future of banking in these populous and economically diverse regions. The PGDM from JIMS has provided me not just with a degree, but also with a strategic viewpoint that’s crucial to leading large teams and managing significant banking portfolios. Thanks to the managerial skills, combined with industry-specific knowledge that I gained at JIMS, I was equipped to handle complex challenges and make impactful decisions.

My career trajectory showcases the importance of continual learning and adaptation. Each role brought new challenges and learning opportunities, which I leveraged to climb higher on the career ladder. For those aspiring to transform their careers, my journey is a blend of relentless perseverance, strategic foresight and the courage to innovate qualities that are essential for anyone looking to make a mark in their professional lives.


Digvijay Singh

PGDBM 1996-98



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