When is the best time to get an MBA

When is the perfect time to get a Masters of Business Administration degree? Is it directly after undergraduate, or should you have a few years of work experience under your belt first? If you decided to enter the working world beforehand, is there such a thing like waiting too long to earn your MBA? 

The truth is, the best time to get an MBA degree is whenever you’re are ready, whether that’s before starting a long and fulfilling career or decades after your first day on the job. A person with years of experience can be just as successful in graduate school as one who has just received their bachelor’s. You need an MBA for a long and successful career in the corporate world. Though an MBA won’t automatically make you richer and more respected, it will qualify you for higher positions, increase your management skills and knowledge and boost your credentials, making you stand out during the job application process. 

You might be too young to get your MBA. Most MBA programs require applicants to have at least two years of real world business experience, but applying as soon as you hit that minimum might not be ideal. For example, if your work experience didn’t give you much exposure to critical operations within a business, you might not contribute much to your MBA classrooms, making you a less than perfect candidate in the eyes of admission counsellors. If you fear being too invested in your career by then, remember you can always pursue an online MBA with no GMAT requirements to make the application easier and the studies themselves more flexible. 

You might also be too old to get your MBA. While full time MBA programs can accept applicants with eight or more years of work experience members of this category tend to benefit less from the credential. As a result, a typical MBA likely won’t do much for your career, instead you should pursue an executive MBA or a similar specialized credential. 

 Whenever you feel like your career goals in line with what an MBA can offer you, if you are academically ready for the MBA, if you’re ready to learn beyond the classroom and improve your soft skills/personality. YOU CAN START YOUR MBA.


Somya Jain
Research Scholar, Jagan Institute of Management Studies