MBA Jobs Post Covid-19

As the results season is going on, social media is flooded with a lot of happy posts- Hey! I got admission in my dream b-school. A very big congratulations to all those who made it this year and all the best to the warriors who will give it another try the next year.

Your real journey starts when you enter the premises of your b-school and meet your batch mates. As you step in your b-school and meet your batch mates, you will realize that you are not the only topper here. Everyone is! Everyone is a school or/and undergrad topper. Everyone has a stellar academic profile like yours- that’s the first criterion of getting admission to a b-school. You are no more the blue-eyed boy or girl of your teacher! Everyone wants to score well and they have the similar IQ and dedication as you. A two-year MBA/PGDM from a great brand brings you back with greater value into a changed market. A good first job then increases your wealth manifold through compounding effects on your salary each year. Secondly, you want a career switch because either you do not like your career or because your industry has been hit, like say travel/ hospitality/ telecom. An MBA gives you the credibility for a direction change irrespective of your past.

The job market is hurting right now and hence the quality and quantity of employment opportunities is poor. Even the fast growing start-ups in India have had to lay off executives. The experience of 2008 financial crisis also played out similarly wherein within two years of the meltdown, the economies around the world were on hiring spree to fuel the growth engine. A similar story is expected this time around with even quicker turnaround. In a nutshell, this may actually be the best time to appear for CAT. This batch will start their education in 2021 and by the time they pass out in 2023, the economic engine should be revved up full scale. This would mean excellent job profiles across sectors. In addition to the academic knowledge, this time the students will most likely get exposure to very interesting subjects such as disaster management, business continuity plans, remote work challenges & solutions among other real life industry concerns. In fact some of the sectors may see a shake-up such as tourism and hospitality, thereby creating demand for fresh perspective and entrepreneurial vision. MBA institutes are the best place to gather knowledge and lead the change in industry. The post Covid-19 economies around the world could be quite different to what we have today and India has a unique positioning to gain maximum ground.

Data science has become the operative word with companies undergoing several technical changes during the COVID-19 phase. To manage the current disruption and move towards a ‘new normal,’ many companies are making use of Data Science tools like Predictive Analysis, ML Algorithms, Recommendation Systems, and Analytics. In the post-COVID world, data can give businesses a competitive advantage and it can be used for minimising risk, for remote monitoring, and also for preventative and predictive maintenance. This tech disruption has created a lot of job opportunities. Also, according to a recent study by Up Grad, there is a 40% increase in the student fraternity to pursue data sciences in a comprehensible way to equip themselves as per the current economic scenario.